About Us

Lights for Love was founded in 2021, by a marketing student at Red River College.

The idea ‘Lights for Love’ was originally intended to be a small local business, hanging Christmas lights for neighbors, friends, and family.

The primary goal was to hang lights for love - hence the name - this goal remains the same.

With intentions of spreading love during the holiday season, Lights for Love will donate $1 dollar for every light bulk we install, and the funds go directly to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. We are excited for the upcoming season – and we invite to allow us to hang your lights this year, so that we may spread love together!

Every year, Lights for Love commits to donating $1 dollar for every light bulb we install, and the funds go directly to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Of Manitoba.

With your help, our donation will assist the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba in providing children in care with a bright, cheerful holiday season – full of light and love.

Together, we hope to spread light and love throughout our city with the powerful use of Christmas lights. When Lights for Love hangs your lights, it is our guarantee that we extend this light and love directly to children in care through our donation.

Customer Reviews

“The team at Lights for Love did an outstanding job with my lights this year. Lots of compliments from neighbours, family and friends. Will definitely have Lights for Love back next year. Highly recommend.”
Tom H.
“My Christmas lights have never looked better. Wasn't planning on hanging lights this year, but couldn't resist with this great cause. Thank you very much!”
Sandy R.
“Lights for Love was friendly and professional. Great cause and great work. I would recommend them.”
Christoper L.